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Decryptable NFTs are collectible cards that contain encrypted data. Each card is associated with an Encrypted String and Key to unlock its content. Collectors can also acquire a Physical Copy of their Decryptable NFT. Currently there are 130 Decryptable NFTs including Gold Cards.

Our official domain : www.decryptablenft.com | Our web3 domain : www.decryptable.nft |
Medium : www.medium.com/@decryptablenft
Contract Address: 0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963

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Help and FAQ

1. How to get Decryptable NFTs?

Decryptable NFTs are now available in Opensea.io

2. How to get Physical copy of Decryptable NFTs?

Physical NFTs are available only for the first collector of a card. Please visit the Claim NFT page after you have purchased your card. Then enter your details (Full Name, Address, Email, Contact Number). You have to send **$0.01** (1 cent) worth of ETH (Polygon Network) or MATIC (Polygon Network) to a wallet address (Wallet address will be provided at the website) to create a transaction from your wallet address (the wallet address which is used to buy Decryptable NFTs).

3. How to decrypt Decryptable NFTs?

Go to Decrypt NFT page and enter your Encrypted String and Key to decrypt your NFT. Your Encrypted string starts from b' and ends with '. Your Key starts from any letter, number or any symbol and ends with one or many =.

4. How long does it take to deliver my Physical copy of Decryptable NFTs?

After the shipment has been shipped, the collector will receive a tracking link in their email within 10 days. They can use the link to track the shipment. It will take around 15 - 30 days to receive the shipment.

5. How to contact Decryptable NFTs?

We can be reached at [email protected]

6. What is DNFT Indian Version?

Please read our Medium to know more about DNFT Indian Version.



The gold card is a special type of card. It contains 5 cards, each of which is entirely different.


In Art card you will find all kinds of artistic elements, like paintings, films, songs, plays, and many more.


Cryptocurrency, DAPPs, Metaverse, and other things are part of the Blockchain card type.


The People card features the most successful and famous people in history.


Several countries, cities, states, and historical places are available in this type of card.


There are paintings, films, jewels, as well as many lost items from history on the treasure card.

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